5 latest trend of most sought-after kitchen Design Ideas 2020

Are you planning your dream kitchen? If your kitchen layout needs to be renovated or you simply want to refresh your color scheme, now is the perfect time to make the kitchen of your dreams! Hi friends, i Soraya crush for those who do not know me, I am an architect, founder of D. Home and in this article I will share with you some of the biggest trends and that will appear help you plan your dream kitchen.
The kitchen is the heart of any home, so it makes sense if there is a strong desire to make it a dream space to share wonderful moments with family and friends! If you have any questions after reading this article or you need specific advice to reach it your dream kitchen, please let me know in the comments below! Here we go with the idea of kitchen for a modern look.

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Trend Number 1: The Dark Kitchen is currently one of the favorite trends of 2020 is a dark color palette. Shows fewer primary colors and greater emphasis on black. One of my favorite combinations is dark gray with natural wood because it is elegant, timeless and adds warmth to the space. Natural wood helps humanize and soften the space creates a perfect balance of dark colors.
Trend Number 2: Everything Matte who doesn’t like Matte slippery touches? The market is full of matte cabinets, tools and details. It’s perfect for the kitchen as it’s easier to stay clean. Hardware is the easiest thing to change in your kitchen so take the plunge and try something beautiful and different.

gray and blue galley kitchen


Grey and White Kitchen Design 1 720x916

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small kitchen ideas

small kitchen ideas

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kitchen decor ideas

Trend Number 3: open shelf. Let’s personalize your kitchen! Open shelves and glass cabinets allow homeowners to showcase their personalities with a unique and artistic display of kitchen pieces and dining areas. Also, if you do not like to have open shelves because you do not like to reveal the whole contents of your closet, textured glass is the solution for you in this way you can add a beautiful layer of texture to the space and it is a great tool to mix it with straight lines of cabinet, add a visual and personal touch to the contemporary kitchen.
Trend Number 4: Counter and Backsplash in the year 2019, we will return to the base for the counters. High contrast marbles in timeless and elegant dark colors, also Terrazzo makes it important back and has their fans, nowadays to terrazzo there are so many different combinations that can be very interesting. I am a little curious to tell me in the comments section where you like to use in your kitchen? Timeless Marble or “terrazzo” that looks modern? Splashback is no longer resigned only to be a practical element, now, the designers use it to make a real focal point in the kitchen. For a modern and clean look, consider using the same material on the table and backsplash!
Trend Number 5: Special and unique washbasin! Details are not just the details they design say goodbye to all the washbasins are too common and greet the unique statement design try a golden sink or multifunctional sink that can be beautiful and functional to be developed in a comfortable way when you spend in the kitchen. Remember if you have any questions about the design please let me know in the comments section I will respond to you all thank you for watching if you like this article do not forget click Likes and subscribe to follow our blog! See your next time to follow our blog! See your next time.

Photos of the 5 latest trend of most sought-after kitchen Design Ideas 2020

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