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If you design or renovate a kitchen and you’re looking for contemporary ideas and trends from finished to games, then this article is perfect for you! Hi friends, welcome back to D. Home! I Soraya crush architect and founder of D. Home interior designer. I get inspiration at work today with documents and recordings that I take a kitchen design at the interior Design exhibit this year and I just realized I didn’t share tips and trends about contemporary kitchens,
So in this article I will share you some of the latest ideas and favorites for contemporary kitchen design that I think is very unique and elegant. Remember friends if you have any questions after reading this article, let me know in the comments below, and for those who are new here, do not forget to subscribe to join our gorgeous design community, I would like to remind you all to turn on the notification bell so that you do not miss the article that will come. Stay with me because I will share with you some combination of materials and textures that can inspire you to design your contemporary kitchen especially if your kitchen has an open space concept space,


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So let’s get started. If you’ve been following me for a while, I’m sure you’ve heard me say it’s contemporary clean and minimalist design. To achieve this effect, contemporary kitchen cabinets generally have minimal ornaments and the hardware is simple yet stylish and there are no other decorative accents. In terms of color, contemporary kitchen cabinets may often have a monochromatic color scheme. Black, white, and grey are popular in this style, these colors provide a clean appearance that characterizes contemporary style. This clean appearance and minimal details are perfect to use when the kitchen shares space with other areas such as your living room or dining room. In this way the simplicity of the closet can better fit all the contemporary decorations and furniture that fit the space. It’s important to have some storage space to keep the kitchen clean and the sheer amount of options available on the market!
And also, it is true that an open shelf is a favorite element at the time of designing a contemporary kitchen, but now they are specifically to showcase the personality of a homeowner, you can incorporate the beautiful and stylish pieces of your dining room, your kitchen books or any other accessory you usually use in your kitchen but at the same time can be used as decorative pieces. The island is an important element in terms of contemporary kitchens. The islands tend to be a gathering place in the kitchen and, especially if there is a seat, it can also be a place where the kids can do their homework while their parents are cooking. It can help keep your family connected and connected so it’s important to make your island work well for your needs! Look around and find out what your kitchen needs! Maybe you need extra storage space, or a place to have breakfast, or share with you guests while you cook dinner, just make your kitchen island complete and complete your kitchen, keep the functionality and visual harmony with your whole home.c4be f06beb3b0af21b516a51db

The idea of the open concept kitchen is very common in modern and contemporary homes we see the tendency of kitchen islands extends to the living room spaces in these houses it ensures the kitchen island can be multi-functional and it will be part of the overall composition of space, so we need accessories too. The use of feces and chandeliers is a must to define an area and add character to an open space. If your kitchen shares a space with a dining area or a living room, remember to choose pieces that talk to each other across the room. Perhaps the color of your stool speaks with color cushions or wall art in your living room room, this will create a visual flow and will provide a cohesive atmosphere. If you have an open space concept, you can see my article about it here! Kitchen equipment is not just a functional element anymore, now they are works of art and essential elements to define your kitchen style.
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This kind of unique accessory adds character to the space and is perfect to complement the contemporary color palette in a very very chic way. Let’s try a few combinations: if you have a white kitchen with a clean and contemporary appearance, try to incorporate black matte fixtures to make the contrast and accentuate the height of those elements. If you have a wooden coating with concrete tiles and a black matte textured combination, you can add golden matte fixtures and details to make it stand out. So be creative and don’t forget to add a bold fixture to complement your contemporary home design. When starting a contemporary kitchen design, consider the use of combination textured materials with smooth finishing touches.
Textures are applied to cabinet doors, work desks, walls, and floors. By introducing the finished texture of sensory experience, both visuals and touches are enhanced in contemporary kitchens. Don’t be afraid to mix and match textures, the combination of textures in contemporary kitchens is bold and dramatic, for example: wooden floor tiles with marble countertop. Cabinets concrete, matte, wood and gold together! Included in your kitchen are many ingredients with textures because they are a touch element that will give the kitchen any bit of warmth and history. The matte finish is a popular favorite for use in all contemporary home areas and even more in the bathroom and kitchen, this thin layer is used for tiles, fixtures, accessories, tables or backsplash.

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Smooth matte touches to touch and create a gentle feel for a smooth and natural look. Since the shiny finish is the fastest to show stains or scratches, the matte finishes become popular because it is not necessary to clean up their cabinet surfaces as often as possible. For larger kitchens or open floor plans, matte coatings are ideal as they interact better with contemporary home decor and furniture elements. Remember that in the concept of open space different areas have to talk to each other to create a cohesive space that matte finish is also perfect for creating a natural or rustic look and suitable for combining with wood textures. This combination is very used in contemporary houses as it gives a warm sensation it takes in any home. The Matte finish results in a stunning and sleek look that adds to the level of sophistication, authenticity and modernity into space. Guys, remember if you have any questions, let me know in the comments below and please don’t forget to click like and subscribe to join our design community! Before I say goodbye I would like to thank you for all the support, for all your comments, likes and so much love that I received from you guys, I am very pleased to have you all here in this beautiful community of design lovers! Enjoy a beautiful week, see you again!

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