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My home is my refuge where I feel safe for my family building memories and happiness over the beautiful place it is a space that serves for my needs will my tastes and the needs of my family, that’s where I enjoy moments with my loved ones it is where my pressed work gets inspiration it is where I spend my life when we give that meaning to our house room to be our home.
Hi Welcome to the first designer new article of my home renovation process, today’s article is me very very special by the way, you want to be my special guest if you are new here I Soraya Kobar, if you are a design lover, I would like to invite you to be part of our community so do not forget to subscribe and activate the notification spell because I am preparing very good content for all of you in this special content that I will share with You step by step process I made recently to change my life and dining room area with this article I would like to inspire you to follow your own designing process or renovate your space,

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Welcome to my house, this House has been filled over 30 years actually I stayed here with my family since I was born until my teen stage then moved and the house was abandoned for almost 12 years when it was okay to found my own home two years ago I decided to become a human rights owner and restore it very special to me , the first stage of renovation was very intense as we had to improve the functional elements of sanitary and ceiling system electrical bathroom cleaning and controlling pests everything needed to make it possible to stay there I’ve been doing everything that process now I decided to start the second stage i.e. decorate it with the style I gave it life and I decided to start with the area where my family and I spent the most timeHappiness Over the Beautiful Place It is A Space Beautiful What are the Most Beautiful but Real Pictures Of Outer
We should always begin to improve our style no matter what or how many define what we like and identify we are very important to start a theist will serve as a guide in all steps this process will help us make the right decision to achieve a harmonious composition in my case, I like the many types of Canon modern ADM minimalist acknowledge and far is my favorite so I style different blends I chose Scandinavian style as the base that will be the Will dominate my space and then ask for my complementary style of select contemporary and mid-century so I will stick to those styles at the moment of making a choice if you want to identify with the style you like and go with your personality, see my article there.

Here in my style defines a case many help me when deciding what to buy shopping process becomes easier and more efficient sometimes we buy goods in one store wine order something else in another store and if you do not have your guidelines, you will most likely buy very good stuff but when you put them in the House it is not aligned with the other elements that will be in the same space after having an idea of How do you want your space to look ask yourself and identify the things you want to change or improve so that you can find the solution you are looking for do not focus alone on the beauty also think of the function in my case, I wonder what I do want to improve what I want to accomplish how much my budget how I and my family use the room answer to all these questions , let me identify my question what priority I need to increase my space and to achieve the look I want, I realize that one of my biggest hopes is to create a clean and bright space that is obviously bright and implied urgent improvement of my lighting plan so I decided to design the ceiling including a contemporary and intelligent lighting system consisting of a wide variety of layers.
Its less than perfect to use as a moody and gentle flight a second layer for the accent lights was observed to create contrasting dimensions and to make the decorative elements pop space and the third layer for decorative pieces of lighting that already existed actually it was all lighting it I already before the renovation as you know I was looking for a clean and simple look so I made use of it my new ceiling design to make all polar coordinates disappear visually and to integrate it with gastric composition I love the living room ceiling as it seems to flow and create an applied line that helps define the space in a softer way and at the same time helps me visually make the rays disappear make it cleaner see the best part of my new lighting system is I can control my lights, I can make a different atmosphere for the various activities I made at home I can make my room warmer with low indirect lighting a brighter atmosphere I Will leave a link in the More Hot description lighting box that I use in my home and the links of all the decorative elements like pillows and lights as well as the details I bought online.Happiness Over the Beautiful Place It is A Space New Milky Way Over Vavajeveski Lake In Finland
By reading your comment I realized that you asked a lot about lighting design, so I have already prepared a video where I will explain all the principles of lighting so do not forget to turn on the notification well that the second step that I made at home is to change the color of all the walls that I do not like Cello wish the house had because it does not provide clarity that I want there is no harmony with the furniture style or color palette that I am looking for Painting the whole house with a pure white by Sherwin Williams I decided to pick white because it reflects 85% White gives my space a brighter tone and a completely neutral background my new aspect is clean and fresh step first is to change the floor to choose the tone I that perfectly takes into account the following things wood color of the house it already has a color furniture and a common color palette and fresh clean style that I want to achieve so I select this lightweight Warrenton allows Me to have a contrast with my furniture and maintain the concept of freshness and simplicity also gives the room a touch of warmth thanks to the wood texture and matte finishing touches make the room look more natural finally comes the time to put everything in its place I practically keep all my great furniture but I add and replace some of the details that make the difference.
such as carpets and pillows to add another texture layer I can not resist the trend Ranma so I put one in my dining room I like it because besides giving me the feeling of spaceship, the form of rupture of a space stiffness if you know me, you know that I love nature also so they are the perfect complement to add texture of movement and color that I like how the shapes and colors of plants and flowers stand out in the monochrome environment where they work as accents and is a Perfect tint I add natural ingredients to bring out the contrast and warmth of the texture I add accents on go metal to relate visually with the lights I already have in my dining room and TV aside from that purpose is a warm metal ideal aligning the monochromatic pop I recall that the detail is not the detail they make their design is very important to add your personality to the space in my case choose the details that besides serve as decorative elements they have function or meaning for example my book art and architecture which I usually break down when I drink coffee.
My favorite painter’s work elements to add color and texture to family photo pieces that I collected candle holders who helped me achieve a pleasant smell in my home because we can’t forget but the perception of space is not only visual, smell is also important in general I do not like to have many pieces but I like that I like the movement and create an impact to be honest?? I am still in the process of finding the details that continue to complement my house but the change until now has been very positive I enjoy spending a lot of time at home I feel in a comfortable place in the room and now this is a more functional place I sometimes we start the process and we do not know how to continue it, so I hope this article has inspired you to design or change your space considering your friends know the tastes and style of interior design you remember to determine the style.
You to have a guide to follow up and achieve the appearance and aesthetics that we are looking for remember to identify what you need and how you use the space because it is important to come phone and a functional and comfortable space for you and your family know you estimate and evaluate priorities of thinking and investing in things that produce a real change in your space while taking into account the final appearance remember that everything , step by step but stay focused on the function and appearance of the entire composition always keep in mind that each of us is unique and different, therefore every home should represent those who live there remember that a good design is not just about beauty it is not just using tren but how you feel there and at home you will be your happy place so make your house thanks for watching and remembering if you like this article.

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Happiness Over the Beautiful Place It is A Space Beautiful 19 Best Inspirational Quotes and Phrases About Stars InHappiness Over the Beautiful Place It is A Space New the Milky Way Here On the south island Of New ZealandHappiness Over the Beautiful Place It is A Space LuxuryHappiness Over the Beautiful Place It is A Space Awesome Full Moon Over Seattle Washington • Photo Nicole SHappiness Over the Beautiful Place It is A Space Lovely Nighttime at Moosehead Lake Maine

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