The concept of an open space dining room

Hi friends, today I will talk about some design tips for designing a guest-dining open space concept. You guys asked me a lot about it and here we have some concept to design a double purpose room. Welcome back to D. Home I Soraya Cury Architects and interior designers, founder of D. Home If you’re new here, don’t forget to subscribe to join our design community and turn on Bell notifications so you don’t miss out on upcoming articles. You remember to click Like and follow me on Instagram for daily inspiration and to get in touch.
I really enjoy interacting with you all and getting to know you guys. So, as always, free to ask, if you have any questions, let me know in the comments below, I will respond to as many comments as possible. The concept of an open space dining room-living room is a very common feature nowadays. Personally I like the concept of open space because you can feel the space is more fluid, bigger, brighter and contemporary. However. It is true that here we have two different types of areas in the same space, where we will develop two or more different types of activities so we need to define each one, we need to give them their own anchors but always looking for a balance between each creating a harmonious composition.

The Concept Of An Open Space Dining Room Beautiful Superb Ways to Design A Small Space Dining Room The Concept Of An Open Space Dining Room Awesome Ideas for Decorating A Small Dining Room Space
Your STYLE DEFINITIONS you need to make your living and dining room talk to each other. My recommendation to accomplish that is to maintain the same style or style that you want your home, this way you will have a guide to follow up. For example, if you have a contemporary dining room with clean lines and a contemporary twist like matte black combined with wood, it makes no sense that your living room has an overall appearance of glam style with shiny crystal chandeliers and luxuries because the contrast is too strong and you will visually divide your room with different style differences. I am not saying that you can not mix and match the style, the point is to develop all the designs with the same language. If your dining room is contemporary with a touch of glamour, then your living room should have the same visual appearance and language, it should be contemporary with a glam twist.
So choosing a basic style is crucial for developing a multipurpose space harmoniously and it will be a guide to choosing your furniture, color palette, accessories, lighting fixtures and all the elements that create space. If you are in doubt which style determines your personality, you can see my article about the popular design style here. CREATE YOUR SPACE We have set our design style, so now we have to think about how we will use each space. In general, in the dining room we develop the same activities, namely sharing food and moments with family and friends. But on the other hand, the living room is more flexible and depends on how you use it space and what kind of activities you do there, you will organize and put your furniture in a certain way. That means families who enjoy watching TV in the living room or from the dining room while they are breakfast, the composition of the space and how they need to put it furniture will be very different from families who do not use the TV in the living room because they may have a family room to enjoy those moments, so for that I always say it’s a space should work for those who use the , for those who live there because of the way you put your furniture or client furniture is a consequence of how the homeowners live and what activities they usually do in a particular space.

The Concept Of An Open Space Dining Room Beautiful Small Space Dining Ideas that Maximize Every Inch The Concept Of An Open Space Dining Room Inspirational Superb Ways to Design A Small Space Dining Room
So since each of you is different, I am setting up some different options on how to supplement your goods dining room – depending on how you use your room. So let’s look at some examples: also friends, remember to think about how you will be circulating in your room, leave enough space to walk comfortably in your area. A very important point is defining each area. That does not mean that we need divider or wall, we can define our space through carpet, ceiling design, or texture. Tapestries are the easiest way to do this in the living room. This will place a clear boundary around the room area to define it as its own zone. Depending on the size of your open living and dining area, you may want to put it under your dining table too. But beware if they are right next to each other. It is often wise to choose only one zone to anchor with the carpet. Another way to define the area is with your furniture, you can use the couch across the room to divide it into two or more backups or benches to create a visual boundary with your furniture. Which is even better if you have a different ceiling height or you have a different texture to your floor, you can take advantage of the architectural details to determine your area in condition.

The Concept Of An Open Space Dining Room Fresh Small Space Dining Rooms The Concept Of An Open Space Dining Room Fresh Small Dining Rooms that Save Up Space The Concept Of An Open Space Dining Room Beautiful Examples Of Dining Rooms In Small Spaces
Now we have our design style, the best way to put our furniture, we know how to visually define each space but now we have to unite everything, we need to create harmony in the whole composition. Yes, we defined the space but now we need to create a cohesive atmosphere. We have to make our living room and dining room talk to each other without feeling forced or too harmonious-in-between, it sounds a little difficult right? But this is very simple. You have to choose some textures, materials, colors or shapes and you will use them in both areas. For example: The TV Unit and the top of the dining table can enter similar materials, textures, and colors. Tone of color in the art of dining room can speak with a tone of color on the back or pillow. Make sure that your metal chandelier on the dining table speaks with the color of some accessories such as vase, furniture feet, grip credenza, or other details. Even your interest can be in the same color tone or accessory, wall art or furniture.
It may seem like an accident, but each element has been chosen deliberately so that when you are in the open plan living and dining room, it feels cohesive and harmonious. I must be clear here, don’t be afraid to pick a piece with a variant of color and material, but make sure they talk to other elements across the room. Another important recommendation is to keep the flow in your space, make sure to choose the furniture with the maximum height below the visual angle. Can you imagine a sofa with a high back cut the room? You will lose the connection between the two areas and the concept of contemporary open spaces will disappear, and we do not want that, when wanting to define each room but each one will be part of the overall composition. In zones like this, you can have low-back sofas across the room but not high. Low sofa Cut the boundary defines the zone but your eyes still glide over the couch while you are sitting or standing, it does not dominate or obstruct the visual flow between the dining room and where you live.

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