Tips and ideas on how to incorporate color combinations into your space

Why color is so important in your life why it is so important to create a perfect color scheme for our space that because color is a nonverbal form of communication that can radically affect our moods and emotions when you walk in space whatever way your eyes translate a combination of color and color can affect how you define the style and overall level of comfort in a room even one of the most frequently asked questions is how to combine the actual colors.
We continue to combine colors when Salette in our clothes or when we buy a fitting cushion in our living room all the time for every detail we mix and match colors, it is true a color theory exists to fulfill the process of how to incorporate color easier in fact this is the main design lesson and I think it is very beneficial to your everyday life both in this article I want to share with you how to combine colors and how to use the color wheel to create a schema Perfect color I will give you some tips and ideas on how to combine color combinations into your space.

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Hi friends Welcome back to mine designer Samsara architect and interior designer founder Designer If you are new here and you love everything about my design I invite you to subscribe to join our design community and enable notification spells so that you don’t miss the next article Color theory is the science of how we interpret the colors we see in the world and how we respond to the color combinations and proportions of a particular color. The theory begins with a color wheel, let’s fill our color wheel along the primary color of their red blue and yellow is the building blocks of all the other colors on the wheels they cannot be made from mixing other color secondary color is that can be made by mixing these two primary colors of orange green and the tertiary purple color of six shades that can be made from mixing primary and secondary colors now

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Let’s see how to use the color wheel to select a color scheme you can create an analog color scheme that uses three or more colors that sit next to the color wheel because you are using three colors in proportion this one is important to ensure the space field is balanced you may want to enter the rule 6310 to maintain a good proportion between colors let’s try some possible combinations you are the type of person like me who would rather have a neutral color palette for the whole A space view but you want to add a sembulan of color into the room if it happens you can apply an analog color scheme to accent elements and your accessory is also another way to use the color wheel is through picking a free color when it comes to the scheme complementary color is the simplest because this color can only involve two colors it uses two colors that sit opposite each other on the color wheel usually one color acts as the dominant chain and the other as Perience accent This color is a very high contrast so you have to be careful how to use it because they bring strong energy into space so it is a great idea to use in small doses you should think of then ask for your accent color and use a lot of neutral colors to balance them and provide a place for the eye to the wrist. Also liked the analog color scheme you can add a sembulan color to the neutral common space applies in two contrasting colors into your accent elements and accessories as well before proceeding, I want to let you know that I left the link description box below with a guy and more detailed information and how to combine the colors I prepared specifically for you this way when you are in the middle of choosing a color palette that you can quickly verify and confirm what Have you selected using a monochromatic teen color scheme of tones and shades in hues or families of the same color but what our teenagers tone and color by either adding white to the pure color creates things adding black and white to the pure color of creating a pawn of course adding a black to the color creates a monochromatic skin tone that comes from a single base.

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You and the extended use of shades and unity of color is one of the benefits of using a monochromatic color scheme but on the other hand this color scheme has the risk of making the room feel boring so the most interesting way to be solved your color scheme is with textures and prints to add movement to the space is also important to add texture or natural metal to what dimensions space however due , You can mix and match different color schemes in the same space for example you can have your wall furniture floor and common space elements in a black and white gray which is a monochromatic option and combine it with a color that contrast schemes for your accessory like a peek at the blue Ottoman with or the vase institution or other accessories some important additional tips at the time of adding color to our five room room with accent color accent can change from room to room but contry Nguyen one color consistent throughout the house helps to connect different spaces the goal is to move the eyes around different rooms and to associate each one with the other using the same color in some detail helping you balance and put together these spaces another simple way to make a cohesive sense is to use a consistent paint color on the wall especially at home that has an open space concept add color prints to add texture and nuance to the space and pair the solid color following the color scheme rules to get the perfect combination.
Friend if you want to learn more about the color especially about how to choose the perfect color for any space depending on the mood you want to make my blog here in this article I talked about lighting one cool color color and another concept to choose color as a professional thank you for reading me hopefully this information is useful for you if you like this video , don’t forget to click like and subscribe to join our design community also follow me on Instagram for everyday inspiration and to get in touch, get a beautiful week see you again see you again

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